Manifesting Money


If you’re reading this article, chances are you want more money. Money is important because it gives us freedom and security. How can we manifest more of it in our lives? The good news is there are many ways to attract money into your life – some easy and some harder. This is why I’ve come up with these 13 practical ways for manifesting money.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. It’s simple, but it’s so easy to forget. If you want to change your life, you need to change the way you think and feel about yourself and the world around you. This may sound difficult, but that’s because we are used to looking at our problems as coming from outside ourselves—and this belief is completely wrong!

The first step in manifesting money is recognizing that there isn’t anything ‘out there’ that can solve all of your problems; if there were, we would have found it by now! The only thing out there is what’s inside each one of us: our thoughts and feelings about money (and everything else).

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Make peace with money and start manifesting

If you’re like most people, you probably feel like money is a source of stress in your life. You might have heard that money is the root of all evil and it’s best not to think about it. Or perhaps you believe that if you just work hard enough, things will happen for you.

The problem with these beliefs is that they don’t actually help you make any more money or increase your wealth. They also make it impossible for you to attract more wealth because they have negative energy around them!

So how can we change this mindset? By making peace with money! When we make peace with money, we realize that all of us will have enough resources for survival at some point; there is no need for competition or defensiveness about it.

Making peace with money is the first step to manifesting your dreams. Money is not a dirty word, nor is it evil in and of itself. It’s just a tool that can be used for good or ill. You are the one who decides how you use it, so don’t feel like you need to judge yourself based on your past experiences with money or what other people have told you about it.

Write down what you want, and read it out loud to yourself twice a day.

To start, write down what you want. It can be anything, so long as it’s something that will make your life better in some way. For example, if you want to manifest more money into your life, then write down how much extra income would make a difference in your life. You can use a manifesting journal or just write it on a piece of paper.

If writing isn’t your thing, there are other ways to get the job done: You could also record yourself speaking out loud and reading the words from the paper as they appear in front of you. Or even type them into an email or text message and send it to yourself! This is especially useful if you’re working on manifesting money right before bedtime since then all those subconscious thoughts will have time to work their magic during sleep hours while we’re unconscious 🙂

The most important thing is that whatever method(s) we choose should feel natural for us otherwise why bother? If this practice sounds too weird or strange for our tastes then maybe try something else instead 🙂

Manifesting Money

Get really clear about your goals about manifesting money.

If you’re looking to manifest money, it’s important that you have a clear vision of what that looks like. That may include a specific amount, or it may be more of a feeling of financial freedom. Either way, make sure that you know exactly what you want before moving on to the next step!

Tips and Tricks for Manifesting Money:

  • Get really, really clear about your goals.
  • Understand the value of being patient and persistent with your manifestations, and why that’s important to achieving them in the first place.
  • Begin by taking small steps toward achieving those goals now, even if you’re not sure how you’ll achieve them down the road yet (but don’t worry—you will).
  • Know that it’s perfectly okay if things don’t happen exactly as planned; just do what feels right for you in this moment, without worrying about what others might think or say about it

Give yourself permission to receive it.

It is important to give yourself permission to receive money. I know, this may sound counterintuitive at first because you have probably always been taught that money is the root of all evil. However, it’s not true! Money is simply a tool for manifesting your desires and making things happen in your life. You must become open and willing to receive the gifts that are being offered to you by the universe if you want them to show up in your bank account or other accounts (i.e., health).

In order for abundance and prosperity – including financial abundance – into your life, it’s essential that you become open and receptive towards receiving these gifts from the universe. If you aren’t ready for what’s coming your way then chances are good that it will pass right by without even stopping in at good old Earth-central station!

Manifesting Money

Stop thinking negative thoughts about money.

First and foremost, you need to understand that your thoughts are just thoughts. You can change them. You can think positive thoughts about money until it becomes a habit and your mind will be trained to think positively instead of negatively.

It’s easy! All you have to do is repeat the same sentence over and over again in your head until it sticks: “I love having plenty of money.” If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about money or lack thereof, simply replace those negative thoughts with positive ones like this one: “Money flows freely into my life!” It’s amazing how quickly this works once you get used to doing it!

Visualize the energy of money.

Visualize the energy of money and feel it flowing into your life. The more you see money as a friend, the more it will come to you, and you become a manifesting magnet.

Remember, money is not an enemy or an obstacle; it’s just energy that comes and goes. That energy can be used by you or against you. It’s up to you how you use it!

You can visualize the energy of money in your life in many ways.

  • Visualize that you have enough money to pay for everything you need and want, without any worry about money or debt ever again.
  • Imagine yourself spending the money on whatever it is that brings you joy: traveling, taking a class at a local university, finally seeing a particular band perform live.
  • Imagine how great it’ll feel when you can pay off all of your debts—whether that’s from student loans or medical bills—and start fresh with nothing but freedom on your mind.
  • Visualize being happy about having more than enough money in the bank, knowing that this won’t be an issue anymore (and knowing is half the battle).
Manifesting Money

Ask the universe for what you want

The most important thing in manifesting money is to ask the universe for what you want. The more you ask the universe for what you want, the clearer and clearer your requests will become.

Ask for what you want once a day or so. You can do this in any way that feels comfortable to you: out loud, in writing, in your head. Asking out loud is actually very powerful because it puts energy into the universe immediately – but asking twice a day (or whenever) also works great!

Asking with your whole body and mind is even better than just saying it – but remember that it’s not about acting like a clown on stage pretending to be someone else (unless that’s really fun for you). This is not about acting like a fool; rather it’s about getting into alignment with what matters most to us and giving our requests strong attention while we are asking them of ourselves and others.

Let go of ‘how’ it will happen.

The fact is, the universe doesn’t really care how you get there. It doesn’t matter if you’re still tinkering with your idea, or if it’s already been perfected and released into the market. The universe simply wants to see what you have to offer and how much joy your creation can bring others.

Let go of the ‘how’ and focus on the ‘what’ for now; once it comes into existence, then focus on how it will reach its audience.

Manifesting Money

Be open to all possibilities.

The only way you can manifest money is if you are open to all the possibilities. You never know when an unexpected opportunity will arise that could lead you to a source of income. For example, one day I received an email from someone who wanted me to help them with their blog. I didn’t have time at the moment and declined. A few weeks later, they emailed me again asking if I would be interested in blogging for them. This time my schedule was more open so I accepted their offer and now write regularly for this company!

Every day there are hundreds of decisions that need to be made throughout our lives—from what we eat for breakfast or lunch, where we go after work or school ends each day, whether we take vacations during certain times of year (or at all), who our friends are…and so on…and so forth! Being open-minded about these choices means being willing consider without prejudice different options available right now within your current reality rather than just accepting whatever comes along because it has always been done before (which might not lead anywhere new).

Keep testing your beliefs.

The more you test your beliefs, the more clarity you’ll have about your own truth. And the more clear you are about what’s true for you, the faster and easier it will be for manifesting money in your life. It’s a cycle: as soon as one belief falls away, another comes into focus that can support your intention even better than before—and then another after that!

As soon as something changes in our lives, we’re often tempted to think there was some magical action behind it; that person or thing swooped in out of nowhere and saved us from ourselves or whatever else might have been going wrong at the time. Not so! The truth is that everything happens according to cause and effect—you’ve just been too distracted by all those shiny objects (the things that haven’t worked) until now.

This means if something starts working for us now (because we’ve shifted), we needn’t wait around for someone else to tell us so; rather than waiting for someone else’s approval before doing anything new with our lives (or manifesting money), let’s just try something new right now—and see how quickly things change in our favor!

Manifesting Money

Focus in the direction of your dreams – not only on your dreams.

This is by far the most important thing you can do.

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. This is true for every aspect of life, but especially when it comes for manifesting money and wealth. When we focus our attention on what we don’t have or what we don’t want to happen, that’s all that happens! If I’m focusing my energy into how much debt I have or how much money I owe and how I hate having to pay bills every month instead of spending time with my family, guess what? Now those are the things that are going to continue happening in my life because they’re the only things I’ve been thinking about lately!

Instead of focusing so much energy on debt and bills and all that other negative stuff (which will only attract more negative stuff), think about how great it would feel if: You were debt-free or started saving money every month; You had an emergency fund set up; You could buy yourself something nice without feeling guilty about spending too much money; Or whatever else comes naturally for YOU! This kind of positive thinking attracts positive results!

You can get what you want if you ask for it clearly, visualize it coming and release negative beliefs around it

Practice being clear about what you want. What’s the thing that will make your life better?

Be specific, and make sure it feels right to you. If someone asked you to describe what a perfect day would look like, how would they describe it? Would they say “I want a lot of money” or would they say something like “I want to spend time with my family.”

Visualize the outcome coming into your life as if it were already there. Imagine yourself experiencing this outcome in as much detail as possible—from seeing the object or feeling the emotions associated with getting exactly what you desire down to what time of day it is when this happens for real. How does everything feel? Do people acknowledge your success? Are other people happy for them? Or do they ask themselves “Why didn’t I get that?”

Release negative beliefs about money so that way when opportunities present themselves in our lives we can allow them through instead of blocking them out because we’re afraid of failure or rejection from others who might judge us negatively if we ask directly for what’s truly important (and valuable) in our lives!


I hope these tips have been helpful. Remember that the more you work on manifesting money, the more likely it is to happen. And if it doesn’t right away, don’t get discouraged! It took me a while before I saw significant results from my efforts—but once I did, the payoff was totally worth it.

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