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6 Slippers That Look Ugly and Impractical but Actually Are Cool to Wear

As we get into winter, there’s nothing cozier to wear than a pair of comfy slippers. Whether you’re lounging on the weekend, sharing family time at the holidays, or working from home, the right slippers can bring your mood from good to great.

When you’re considering slippers, we’re not considering the aesthetic – we’re considering the ultimate in winter comfort. This is not about dressing to the max in heels. This is about what will make your feet the absolute happiest when you take those heels off.

Here are six of the ugliest, comfiest slippers that will bring the ultimate joy to your toes this winter.

Open-toe furry sandals

Imagine the ease of your favorite summer sandals, with all the fluff of winter warmth. While these may have no more fashion sense than your neighborhood white dad’s socks-with-sandals combo, these fluff-sandals will have your feet dancing for joy through all the cold months.

Since these are open-toe sandals, they could also work for a spa day. The open toes allow for nail polish, cuticle oil, and other foot-pampering treats for some much-needed self care.

Sheepskin shoe-style slippers

Imagine wrapping your feet in these clouds of soft sheep’s wool. These slippers pamper not only your entire foot with wooly warmth, but your ankles as well.

This makes them perfect for those times when you’ve been wearing the stylish shoes for entirely too long, and your feet are screaming for relief. We’re not about being the fashion girly right now. This is about being the comfortable self-care girly. What better footwear to accompany your favorite Tshirt, comfort TV, and Girl Dinner?

Cordy slip-ons

Was corduroy left in the 90’s? It’s time to bring it back. Maybe it’s not quite old enough to call it vintage style, but these slippers definitely have that vibe. While these slippers may be giving “grandpa” they also have that beige color that will complement the rest of your wardrobe nicely.

Don’t let these slippers fool you – they’ll be as easy to keep on your feet as they were to slip into.

Fuzzy boots

These slippers may appear to be ugly clogs on the outside, but on the inside, your feet will be dreaming happy dreams. Forget how blocky they look, and think only about that sweet, sweet fluff. To make it even better, they’re waterproof. You can take these out on errands on cold, rainy days, and your toes will stay as warm and dry as if you were home in bed.

Warming shoes

Dancers have known about these delicious bits of foot therapy for years. There’s literally nothing better than a pair of these after a long day on your feet. Simply pop these delights into the microwave for a minute, and enjoy the long-lasting warmth and relaxation. Forget the fuzzy monster-foot look – your feet will thank you.

These also come in an electric version. Instead of warming in the microwave, these charge by USB. Push the button on the ankle, and enjoy several hours of gentle, steady warmth.

Suede fuzzies

This is a divisive one. Is this style ugly, or cute? You’ll hear as many opinions as girls you ask. We’re not about that debate here, though. This isn’t about ugly or cute – this is about comfort. If you want comfy slippers, wear what you want to wear, and leave the haters in the dust.

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