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Manifesting Journal: Hit Refresh On Your Finances

Manifesting Journal


The last few years have been tough for many of us, and the economy isn’t getting any better. So what do we do about it? Manifesting. One way to do this is by using a manifesting journal to help you focus on what you want and how you’re going to get there.

The power to manifest is inside all of us, but it’s not always easy to access or understand. That’s why manifesting journal prompts can help you unlock that ability to bring more money into your life and help you get back on track financially.

A manifestation journal helps you identify what you want and give yourself the space to focus on why it matters. It helps clear away any fear or anxiety so that you can feel confident and excited about what’s possible rather than stuck in worry or doubt.

What is manifesting?

Let’s talk about what manifesting is, and how you can use it to bring more of what you want into your life.

Manifesting is a way of using your thoughts and feelings to create the life you want. It’s an intuitive process that involves aligning your thoughts and feelings with what you want, whether that be wealth, happiness, love, or anything else that brings joy into your life. We all have the ability to manifest; however, some people are better at it than others due to their level of awareness or belief in themselves.

By writing down exactly what it is that we desire (in this case financial freedom), we give ourselves permission to step into our power as creators. This not only helps us feel good about our desires but also makes us accountable for them! As we focus on what we do want instead of worrying about what we don’t have, our vibration shifts from lack into abundance which attracts more abundance!

the law of attraction

Understanding the laws of attraction

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that states that you attract into your life what you give your attention, energy, and focus to. You attract what you think about most of the time; therefore, if you want to manifest more money in your life, then be clear on what it is that you desire and focus on it daily. By doing this, we can become masters at attracting our desires into reality.

The Universe Wants You To Be Rich

As mentioned earlier with the Universe regarding how it operates at its core level: The ultimate goal for everything in existence is to grow, expand and evolve. And because this is true for everything around us, then one could make the case that our ultimate purpose on Planet Earth might also be related with growth rather than complacency or stagnation. This means that whatever situation we find ourselves in today could potentially change tomorrow if we were willing to let go of old limiting beliefs about ourselves and instead choose new empowering ones which would help us move forward towards achieving our dreams quickly while avoiding obstacles along ways such as lack or no money!

Law of attraction exercises

The first step to using the Law of Attraction is changing your mindset. If you want to attract more money or success into your life, then you have to believe that it’s possible for those things to happen. You have to believe that they are already within reach and that you’re already on the path toward them.

  • Meditation and affirmation are excellent tools for cultivating the right mindset to attract more money into your life.
  • Visualization is a powerful tool that you can use to manifest what you want in your mind’s eye.
  • Journaling is a great way to track thoughts and feelings related to your desires, which helps them become clearer. It also serves as an outlet for expressing gratitude. This process of writing something down has been shown to help us focus on what it is we truly desire, rather than what we think we should want or need based on other people’s opinions about us or society at large.
  • Gratitude is one of the best ways to tap into the Law of Attraction because by focusing on all that you have in life—instead of all that you don’t—you’re able to live from a place of abundance rather than scarcity, which will increase your ability to attract more prosperity into your life!

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the law of attraction

Positive mindset and daily affirmations

Achieving your goals is all about building the right mindset. If you want to manifest more money, for example, then it’s essential that you stay positive and optimistic every day. This can be hard when times are tight or when your finances are in a slump—but it’s key to staying on track with manifesting. Thankfully, there are many tools out there that can help keep your thoughts focused in the right way.

Affirmations are one such tool. An affirmation is essentially a statement that focuses on the things we want to achieve or experience in life (like “I am grateful for my abundance”). The idea behind an affirmation is to get into a positive state of mind by repeating these statements over and over again until they become ingrained into our minds—so much so that we start believing them as fact instead of just empty words!

Questions to ask yourself every day

As you get ready to start your manifestation journal, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. You want to know what you’re aiming for, why you’re aiming for it and how this will make your life better. It’s also good to be aware of any negative outcomes that may come from having this particular thing in your life. Once you’ve identified these things and considered them all thoroughly, then it’s time to make some action steps toward achieving what you want.

It can be easy to forget about the obstacles that could get in the way of success when we put our minds on something—but if we don’t consider them ahead of time, they’ll just show up at random when we least expect them! So make sure that before moving forward with manifesting anything big or small (or even something medium-sized), take time out every day or week, or month.

To reflect on where things stand today versus where they were before starting this process ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I have now?
  • How am I doing financially?
  • What do I need more money for?
  • How much money do I actually need next year/monthly/weekly/daily?

Taking the time to manifest can help you hit refresh on your life

Thinking of manifesting as a way to hit refresh on your life is a great way to stay focused on what you want. It’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of what’s important in the midst of daily life, but if you are able to focus on the things that matter most to you, it will make all the difference.

When we get lost in our routine or become overwhelmed by our obligations, it can be difficult for us to keep up with ourselves—and that’s no good! Manifesting helps us take care of ourselves first so that we can then take care of others as well.

If there’s anything in particular that has been weighing heavily on your mind lately—whether it’s related directly or indirectly (like money issues), don’t hesitate: go ahead and write it down! This will not only help clear up any negative energy associated with those thoughts but also provide clarity so that they don’t weigh itself down any longer either.”

What is a manifestation journal?

Manifesting journal is a place to write down your goals and dreams. It helps you stay motivated and inspired so that you can reach your goals. You can also use it to stay accountable to yourself by writing down your actions, thoughts, feelings and results in the journal.

Why is important to have a manifestation journal?

It’s important to have a manifestation journal because it allows you to see the progress you’ve made, and also serves as a record of your intentions for the future.

It’s easy to feel like there’s no way to measure whether or not your intentions are being accomplished, but keeping a manifestation journal helps you realize that things are happening—and that they’re happening in the way you want them to.

There is something about having concrete evidence of what has transpired since you began working toward your goals that makes it easier to believe that what you’re doing matters. It’s also helpful when making decisions about what to do next; if you can look back through your journal and see how far you’ve come, it helps you determine where to go next.

Manifesting Journal

Launch your manifestation journal

You’re going to start a journal and keep it with you at all times. This is your manifesting journal. In it, you will write down why you want more money, how you plan on spending your extra cash when it comes in, what actions (or activities) will help get that money flowing faster into your life, and what kind of changes or additions might make you feel more fulfilled.

The reason I say “when” instead of “if” is because I don’t believe in “ifs” when it comes to manifestation. When we believe our desired outcomes are possible—and also write them down—our brains start firing on all cylinders for us!

This manifestation journal helps align our thoughts with our desires so that as soon as an opportunity presents itself, we can take advantage of it immediately without hesitation or fear holding us back from making a change or improving our situation financially

Manifestation journal ideas 

Write down what you want to manifest in life: love, money, happiness…your heart’s desire! For example: “I am grateful for all of the abundance that is already flowing into my life through my business and relationships.” Or “I’m creating a loving home for myself and future family.”

Write up an affirmation or positive statement about what you’d like to create in every area of your life—money, career/business, relationships (romantic or platonic), health etc., write it out loud on paper or type it up in Word so that it looks pretty good when printed off later on! The reinforcement provided by this will boost confidence levels while also helping keep things at the forefront of mind–especially when there are tough times ahead too!

  • Write down your goals.
  • Write down your dreams.
  • Write down your intentions.
Manifesting Journal

Manifesting journal prompts

In order to manifest your goals and dreams, it’s important to know exactly what you want and why. The more detail you can give your desires, the better. And if you have a partner or friend with whom you would like to achieve this goal together, then that person should be included in your writing process too.

So here are some manifesting journal prompts for reflection:

  • What is my purpose? Why do I want this? How will my life change when I have achieved this goal? What will make me happy?
  • What are all of the things that stand in my way right now (or could stand in my way)? Is it fear? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Something else entirely…
  • Who can help me remove these obstacles so that I am free to succeed at achieving my goal(s)?

Maintaining a manifesting journal

Maintaining a manifesting journal is one of the most important and rewarding parts of your manifestation practice. Here are some tips to help you stay consistent with it:

  • Be consistent. Don’t give up on your journaling, even if you don’t find it easy at first. It will get easier over time, and the benefits will be worth it! Remember that this is an investment in yourself – it might seem like work now, but once you see how much better things are going for you because of it, then all that effort will feel really worth it!
  • Don’t worry about how long it takes or how much space there is left in your journal (the blank pages). You needn’t worry about either at all – just write whatever comes into your head or heart and don’t try too hard to make sense of anything at first – just keep going! The more often we do this exercise, the faster it becomes and the less resistance there is around writing down our thoughts.”

Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or sentences that don’t make sense. Just write whatever comes into your head or heart and don’t try too hard to make sense of anything at first – just keep going! The more often we do this exercise, the faster it becomes and the less resistance there is around writing down our thoughts.”

Manifesting Journal

Why do you want financial abundance?

This can be a tricky question, especially if you’re not sure what your reasons are. Sometimes it helps to think about the ways that money can help you achieve your goals and dreams. In other words, some of the things people want financial abundance for could be:

  • To pay off debt
  • To buy a house
  • To travel the world
  • To help others

The power of a manifesting journal

A manifesting journal is the first step to achieving big things in your life. It’s a place to write down your goals, set timelines, and visualize what you want to achieve. When you write down your dreams and aspirations, they seem more tangible—and that makes it easier for them to come true!

Writing down goals gives you a sense of purpose and direction in life, which helps keep you on track when times get tough or things get difficult. Writing down what you want helps keep momentum going when the path isn’t always clear—but knowing where it goes at least gives direction for getting there!

The best part about writing things down is that once it’s written down, there’s really no excuse not do something about it. If something doesn’t happen exactly as planned? That’s okay! Simply adjust the plan accordingly until success happens!

Manifesting Journal

The first step to bringing more money into your life is to write down why you want it.

The first step to bringing more money into your life is to write down why you want it. Then, write down the goals you have for your finances and how much money you’ll need to achieve those goals. Next, be specific about what actions you need to take in order to reach those financial targets. You might even want to go as far as listing out each of the steps involved so that nothing goes overlooked (e.g., “I am going to put aside 10% of my paycheck every two weeks in an investment account with Acme Bank”).

It’s important that you don’t skip over this part! If your manifestation list isn’t specific enough, it will be easy for doubt and fear creep in later on when things aren’t going according to plan or someone asks why something hasn’t been done yet—and that can cause all kinds of problems for our subconscious minds because they won’t know what else needs doing or whether something went wrong somewhere along the way.


A manifesting journal is basically a tool that helps you focus on what you want and how you’re going to get there. You can use it as part of an overall goal-setting process or just as a way of keeping track of thoughts and ideas related to your goals.

If you’re ready to take the first step and start manifesting your financial abundance, then I highly recommend starting a manifestation journal. You will be amazed at how this simple tool can help you create the life you want and truly hit refresh on your finances. So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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