We’re excited to announce that nominations are now open for the Good Life Project’s annual awards, which recognize people who have made a difference in the lives of others.

The nominees will be evaluated by a panel of judges who will select one winner in each category. We’ll also be asking our readers and followers to vote for their favorite nominees, so get ready to cast your vote! 

This year, we are doing nominations in the following categories: self-esteem; productivity tips; spiritual growth; mindfulness; mental growth; health; emotional growth; physical growth; self-awareness; improving career tips; and developing strengths.

To be considered for nomination, please submit us any specific information about your blog, images, your website and social media links. You can submit your nomination by email at andrada@goodlifeproject.info.

Each nominee will be awarded with a badge, which they can display on their website or social media page with a link back to GoodLifeProject.info

Purple Rustic Watercolour Stain Name Circle Sticker (150 × 150 mm) (1)