root chakra affirmations


The root chakra is the foundation of your energy. It’s where we find our passion and inspiration to live a meaningful life. When you’re grounded and in touch with your roots, it’s easier to make decisions that will lead to growth and abundance. In this article, I will teach you how to heal your root chakra with affirmations that help you feel motivated, strong, courageous, and confident so that you can create the life of your dreams.

What is the root chakra?

The root chakra is situated at the base of the spine, and it’s responsible for our sense of security, stability, and survival. It’s associated with the element Earth (think: dirt), and when this center is in balance we feel grounded in ourselves and connected to those around us. When our root chakra isn’t balanced—if there’s too much energy or not enough—it can manifest as feelings of being scattered or ungrounded.


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How to use affirmations for the root chakra

  • Affirmations are a great way to clear your mind of negative thoughts and build a positive mindset.
  • You can use affirmations to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. By doing so, it helps you get in touch with your inner self, which will help guide you towards your goals.
  • Affirmations are also very effective for getting rid of any blocks or obstacles that may be holding back your progress (like anxiety).

Symptoms Associated with the Root Chakra

You may be experiencing symptoms of low self-esteem if you feel disconnected from others and yourself. Your root chakra is where your sense of security comes from, and when it’s out of balance, you can feel ungrounded or disconnected from the earth (or even your own body).

Root chakra for healing

Here are some of the best ways to heal your root chakra:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Visualization
  • Aromatherapy
  • Using crystals and stones (especially black tourmaline)
  • Listening to music (deep bass tones that vibrate through your body)
root chakra affirmations

Root Chakra affirmations

Affirmations are a way to plant positive thoughts in your mind so that those thoughts become the foundation for your thoughts. When you have a foundation of positive thinking, it makes it easier for you to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Root chakra affirmations can help with issues like:

  • Feeling stuck or sluggish
  • Feeling unworthy or weak
  • Not feeling safe in relationships or work environments

Here are my favorite root chakra affirmations:

I am grounded and balanced

My favorite root chakra affirmation is: “I am grounded and balanced.” Being in the present moment is a huge part of grounding yourself, as it allows you to connect with your surroundings. You can be aware of your body, emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Being present is also crucial for balance because it gives you an opportunity to take inventory of how you’re feeling physically before taking action on something important (like working out).

The more aware we are of everything happening around us right now—and not just what happened 20 minutes ago or will happen tomorrow—the easier it is for us to make informed decisions that align with our goals instead of reacting emotionally due to an old memory or fear about the future.

Remembering this affirmation whenever you feel like your energy has been drained will help bring balance back into your life by reminding yourself why being present matters so much from an energetic standpoint!

I am safe

The root chakra helps you feel safe, secure, and stable.

To get your root chakra back on track and feeling safe again, try these root chakra affirmations:

I am safe in my body. My home is my sanctuary.

I am secure

In order to create a sense of security within yourself, it’s important to focus on what makes you feel safe and secure. If you’re feeling insecure about something, in particular, take some time to reflect on how it makes you feel. Then think about what would make those feelings go away—what could give you that sense of security?

Once you’ve identified the things that make you feel secure, write down affirmations that embody those qualities. For example: “I am secure”, “I feel secure in my surroundings”. Repeat these root chakra affirmations over and over again until they become a part of who you are—and watch as your sense of security grows!

My needs will always be met

When you are feeling stressed or unhappy, try using this affirmation: “My needs will always be met” to help you feel better. You can also repeat them on days when you feel good but want to keep your feelings of positivity going.

By repeating affirmations regularly, they will start to sink into your subconscious mind and eventually become a part of who you are. You will begin to notice positive changes in your life as a result!

I trust in my abilities

“I trust in my abilities” This root chakra affirmation reminds you that no matter what kind of situation comes up in your life, there are always ways to deal with it. Even if something seems impossible at first glance, there’s always a way forward—and that’s because YOU have the ability to find solutions! Reminding yourself that YOU have what it takes to handle whatever comes up will help build up confidence and trust in yourself—which will make it easier for you to take action when things get tough.

I trust in myself and my path

You can trust in yourself and your abilities. You are here to learn, and there is nothing that you cannot do. Just as a seed needs earth, water, and sun in order to grow into a strong plant, so do you need love, kindness, and support from those around you. Trust the universe. Trust your path. Trust yourself!

root chakra affirmations

I am connected to the earth and all living beings

As you begin to work with your root chakra, it is important to be connected to the earth and all living beings. This means that when we are in touch with this part of ourselves, we are also in touch with our connection to others.

We can do this by spending time outside: walking on a trail or beach, taking a walk around the block when it’s nice out… Or by doing an activity that helps us feel grounded and centered: yoga (especially if you’re upside down), dance or exercise classes that require focus on your core strength!

I am worthy of love, kindness, and care

The root chakra is associated with our sense of self and self-worth. When it’s blocked by shame, guilt, or insecurity, we can’t see ourselves clearly. We don’t appreciate ourselves and we don’t trust others to love us either. We need to learn that we are worthy of love and kindness in order to heal this part of ourselves and move forward on a positive path.

As you practice loving yourself more deeply, your health will improve—your immune system will be stronger; you’ll be able to handle stress better; you’ll have greater clarity about what’s important in life; your intuition will be heightened; stress will drain from your body instead of settling into it; etc.

You’ll also find that other people feel more comfortable around you because they sense an inner warmth radiating outwards from within your being rather than an icy coldness emanating from within theirs (which is often the case when someone has negative feelings about themselves).

My life is filled with abundance and prosperity

To work on this area of your life, you must first understand what abundance is different from prosperity. Abundance is defined as “a plentiful supply,” while prosperity refers to “good fortune.” This means that if you have a lot of money in the bank but are not doing well mentally or physically, then you have abundance but no real prosperity at all! On the other hand, if your life is full of abundance but lacks any sort of happiness or joy then there’s still something missing: true prosperity.

Practicing root chakra affirmations helps in unblocking the root chakra

The main goal of working with this affirmation is to build up self-esteem so that you can effectively deal with fears and insecurities. Root chakra affirmations are easy to remember because they are short phrases that have a positive effect on the mind and body when repeated regularly throughout the day. They help you focus on what you want in life so that you can attract it into being through positive thinking patterns

root chakra affirmations

What are some natural ways to balance the root chakra?

  • Meditation: Inhale deeply into your belly as you exhale all of your worries out through your mouth. Repeat for 5-10 cycles. The more relaxed you are, the better your session will be!
  • Yoga
  • Massage: A great way to go beyond the physical benefits of massage and connect with your body on a deeper level is by incorporating breathwork into the experience, which can help you relax and release emotional tension.
  • Crystals: While crystals don’t directly heal anything in and of themselves (unless you have an allergy), they do provide one important benefit: they give us something tangible to focus our intention upon while we meditate or practice yoga or other mind-body activities. This gives our minds something concrete to focus on instead of wandering off into anxious thoughts about work deadlines.


If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, try some of these root chakra affirmations. These words can help to lift your mood and even improve the quality of your sleep. By repeating these affirmations every day, we can make them a part of our daily routine and make progress towards better health.

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