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It is no secret that health and fitness have become a popular industry. With obesity rates at one point scoring over 70 percent, people are trying to get healthier daily and they are definitely not short on options. However, it is also no secret that not all programs are effective for everybody for varying reasons. What works for one person may not work for another. One of the new players in the game is a company called Bikini Body Workout System. Here is a basic profile of them. So onto the first question.

What is Bikini Body Workout?

Bikini Body Workout System gives you a guide to what exercise programs you should do to help incinerate fat and also will tell you which exercises to do in which order, all the way down to the sets and reps of literally every single exercise you will do throughout the program. Plus there are separate programs specifically for just exercising your abs.

In addition to that Bikini Body system workout also gives a comprehensive shopping list along with a shopping guide for both food and which supplements you should use.

What does Bikini Body Workout System do?

In addition to the specific workouts available, with the nutrition instead of focusing on being on a diet, the food part concentrates more on changing your lifestyle than it does on being on a diet which is the exact opposite way that a lot of the diet programs such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and all of the other systems work.

The reason you would want to learn how to do that? If you go back to the old way of eating after you lose the weight your going to end up back to where you started and let’s face it. Who really wants to spend their life gaining weight and then perpetually going on a diet and then back to exercising to burn it right back off and then spending the rest of your life in a cycle. It’s inevitable you would almost always feel like you are going to be going back into a slump since you would be continuously gaining weight and then losing it to essentially get back to where you were in the first place.

Why The Bikini Body System Works?

You can have access to three sets of Bikini Body workout system depending on your goals: There is the main exercise videos that help you take care of most of your body. Then there is a different set of videos specifically for your glutes and then a third for your abs. It works because it still allows you to indulge in foods while still choosing healthy options.

Why should you buy the Bikini Body Workout System?

It has an easy to follow meal plan along with a ton of food to choose from. The workouts won’t take much of your time at all. Forty-five minutes a day for four days a week. You don’t even have to leave the house! Although, if you do choose to not do the Bikini Body workout system at the gym you will need a little bit of equipment. More specifically you will need dumbbells, resistance bands, a foam roller along with a box or bench.

Not only is very minimal equipment needed you can literally access the workouts from everywhere. That’s right you don’t need DVD’s. As long as you can access the Internet on some device you can stream the workout which can also include your smartphone, assuming your phone can access the Internet. Or if you are going to be in a place that makes carrying a mobile device awkward there is no reason you can write down the names of the exercises and then just bring them to the gym or wherever it is you plan on doing your workout provided the necessary equipment is available at the location at which you’re doing your workout.

Actual Results of Bikini Body Workout System

What do you get with Bikini Body Workout System?

  • BIKINI BODY Workout Online Instructional Exercise Videos
  • BIKINI BODY Supplement List
  • Comprehensive Shopping List
  • BIKINI BODY Workout Guide
  •  21-Day Booty Blast
  • BIKINI BODY System Nutrition Guide


You can get the workout program that you can complete in 60 days for almost the same price as two months of Anytime Fitness, which is $29.99. If it didn’t work that doesn’t mean you are out the money as there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons


  • You get proven results from a company which is starting to gain a reputation and since the Bikini Body system are relatively new you could potentially be part of history;
  • It doesn’t take a lot of time;
  • You can take the workouts anywhere;
  • Lastly and most importantly you don’t just learn how to lose weight you actually learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Cons: You do need to be able to access an electronic device in order to access the Bikini Body Workout System.

Final Thoughts

Bikini Body Workout System not only allows you to go on a temporary lifestyle but sustain your lifestyle once you have reached your goal. It also gives a lot of information that you won’t find in mainstream fitness journals.

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