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Prayer Miracle | Spirituality Guide

Spirituality Guide – A Prayer Miracle

The purposes of God in your life can be thwarted or accomplished, depending on your obedience to apply His principles. The essential one is your willingness to use the spiritual weapon of prayer that He has freely given to you. Prayer is powerful! Not mediocre or routinely prayer, but prayer that can move the heart of God and make Him establish his heavenly will on your life. is a beautiful spirituality guide that will not just change your prayer life but will also bring the transformation. It has worked for very many people and will also work for you. Take a look!

Prayer can bend reality – Since we are to sense the supernatural world that is beyond our five senses, prayer can wire us for the supernatural.

It can transform your DNA – When we become reborn, Christ gives you a new DNA that makes you have a zeal and love for Him. Prayers can change your DNA and make you think and have a heart like that of God.

It can rewire your brain for the miraculous – Prayer is also able to transform you by renewing your mind. It rewires your brain to help you have heavenly delights and live a supernatural life.

What You Pray for Matters – Spirituality Guide

What makes prayers more powerful is praying the will of God; what is in his heart and what He desires. This will of God has been revealed unto us through His holy word, through His Spirit, and through the specific ways that God uses to speak in our individual lives, like dreams or visions. Your prayers become more powerful when it is in accordance with the will of God.

About the Prayer Miracle Program

With the spirituality guide, it is evident that the author, Amanda Ross, did sufficient research before she started the writings. features some seven-day prayers and a prayer journal that will deliver you from the problems and help you through your emotions. With the program, you will learn that you need only seven days to free from the shackles of forgiveness, find a suitable soulmate, get divine wisdom, and many more principles.

The is anchored on prayer, as the author believes that it is a powerful tool of manifesting miracles in your life. The manual has its basis on both ancient and modern scripture but mainly uses Prophet Daniel’s prayer method to impact lives all over the world. It is a simple course created to teach you how to pray like Prophet Daniel, give you practical guidelines in a reachable format, and improve the manifestation process of miracles in your life. It has a simple four-sentence prayer that will provide you with wisdom from heaven to choose the best dreams. Being anchored on the secrets of the Archangel Michael, the guide will guarantee your life of continuous miracles, eliminate negativity in your reasoning, and change your life permanently.


Divine Hearing – It teaches you to discern the heavenly messages and help you understand that you have always had two angels accompanying from the day you were born, therefore, teach you to know the communication signals from your angels.

A Song of Shifts –This is an audio file that helps your mind to reach a state called “theta”, which is said to be the most prayerful and powerful state of the mind

Divine Numbers – If you have ever seen a recurrence of the same number or pattern in your life, the program will give you an eBook that will help you know more about these angelic patterns

The Prayer of Daniel – 476 Words That Bring Heaven Crashing to Earth

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The price of this spirituality guide is affordable enough to suit the budgets of your pockets. It was first priced at $147. However, for the sake of making it accessible to everyone, it was discounted to $27 only. You will not regret any penny that you spend to make a purchase.

Conclusion of Spirituality Guide | 7 Day Prayer Miracle

God desires an intimate relationship with you and this is achieved through prayers. This diligent piece of work from Amanda Ross has touched the lives of more than 100,000 people positively and there is no chance that it will fail on you. The guide will improve your prayer life therefore, helping you to fulfill your spiritual purposes.

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