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Unlock Your Hip Flexors – Solve Tight Hip Flexors


You apply yourself the best you know how to. Training and eating well. Just to keep physically and emotionally fit. And stay in good health. But do these eliminate all the dangers? Despite all you do, the danger still looms because it does not respect age or your level of activeness. It doesn’t matter how sedentary or active you are. How old or young you are, this trouble bedevils everyone. And what’s that? It’s Tight Hip Flexors.Tight hip flexors muscles can be a pain sometimes. They can make you feel tight and stiff, and cause you pain when you run or play sports.

The trouble with Tight hip flexors is that even the doctors fail to pinpoint and diagnose it. And so the situation becomes as distressing as it gets because it doesn’t affect just the body, but the entire wellbeing. 

How do you go about solving this problem? If you are asking this question, then relax. I’ll walk you through a program that can help you become free of tight hip flexors. It’s the .  

Now, let’s get down to it. 

Tight hip flexors muscles can be a pain sometimes

If you are experiencing hip pain and tightness, there is a good chance that you have tight hip flexors muscles. The hips are made up of muscles, tendons, and connective tissue that work together to provide mobility in all directions. If any of these structures becomes overused or injured, it will affect the way the rest of the body functions.

Your hips are responsible for movement in every direction. When they become tight and painful, it can cause problems in other areas throughout your body as well. Tightness in the hips can lead to back pain and even knee pain if you walk with locked knees or have poor posture.

In this article, we will go over how you can relieve it naturally at home.

Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors – Review

What is Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors Program?  

Just like the name suggests, it gears towards helping you unlock your tight hip flexors and becoming free from pain. Increasing mobility around your hips and improving your overall health and fitness. It stems from new research that explains how anyone, anywhere can eliminate joint pain and reduce stress. 

The Psoas muscles are significant in this. They are hip flexor muscles, which means they’re the muscles in charge of movements around the hip. A pair of muscles connecting the lower and upper body.  

They are also the principal muscles for body movements like running, lifting, jumping and walking. So they are super vital in your day to day life. 

This program is therefore targeted towards making your hip flexors stronger and more flexible. Your performance increases with an increase in the functionality of your hip flexors, your body will get more active. Burn more fats. And your energy level will skyrocket.  In the same vein, if these hip flexors are tight, you become droopy. Your performance level decreases. In addition to stiffness and pains at the lower back. 

Who are the Creators Of This Product? 

One of the reasons that confer credibility to this program is the creators. The program was made by two professionals, who are both maestros in their field. The wealth of knowledge these two have amassed across the years makes this program stand out. 

One of them is Mike Westerdal

Westerdal is a fitness trainer of repute. He has helped a lot of people achieve their weight loss goals quicker and easier.  His main focus is on muscle building, core training, and bodybuilding.  Aside from this, Mike is also the author of many trending programs on body fitness and muscle building.  Ever heard of the site Yes. The popular site was founded by Mike. He shares useful tips on muscle training and strength building on it.  He also owns a YouTube channel with 2000+ videos and more than 200k subscribers. 

The second person is Rick Kaseij

Rick is an authority in the field of kinesiology, where he has worked for more than 16 years. His experience in this field is marvelous. And again, he holds a master’s degree in the science of exercising. Rick is a leading professional in injury, exercise and sports training. 

Having worked with over ten thousand people including athletes and celebrities to help them exercise properly. And achieve their fitness goals seamlessly and in the quickest possible time.  Many of his articles have been published in diverse fitness magazines. And also in other fitness programs. If you are a fitness enthusiast, Rick’s name shouldn’t sound alien to you. As you might have seen it in several fitness magazines. 

Package And Deal  

Once you have purchased the program, you will be redirected to a hidden page, where you will download your package. The package contains the main manual and two bonus books. 

Here are what you are going to find in them: 

Main Manual 

The manual has 63 pages. And will give you absolute insight into the hip flexors and some exercises that help you strengthen them.  More so, it reveals lots of secrets about the psoas muscle. How it’s shortening can affect your health and fitness. The exact pictures of different exercises you need to perform to achieve results are also included in the manual.  


Here Rick guides you on the right way to undertake the ten exercises featured in the video.  With this video, you will strangle confusion and do the exercise just as they should be done. The videos will teach you how you can get to the Psoas muscle, which ordinarily is hard to reach. The video is divided into two  The first one is a

Coaching Video

Rick teaches the exercises in an explicit format. You’ll understand the exercises and why you are doing them. Also, the best way to do them, and the feeling you get while doing them. 

The second is a Follow Along Video

Designed such that you do the exercises along with the video, without taking breaks for explanations. A female trainer performs the exercises and you follow along without any interruption. 

Bonus 1  

This bonus is invaluable because it tells you how to unlock and strengthen your hamstrings. It also comes with a manual and two videos: coaching and follows along. A torn hamstrings can inflict back pains as the hips and pelvis rotate backward, making the lower back flat. So this bonus manual can help you reduce pain in your back and to reduce stress. It will not only reduce pain in your lower back but also correct your posture and improve your general well-being.

Bonus 2 

This bonus features a 7-day anti-inflammatory diet. Inflammation can result in a number of diseases. Hence this bonus contains some diets that can help you fight and eliminate inflammation.  And because diets have a great impact on inflammation, you can instantly make your body respond optimally to inflammation by simply taking the right diets.  With the diets specified in this program, in just 24 hours, your body will begin to perform well. Activating the natural healing process and easing pain and inflammation. 

My Experience with the Program 

Easy to Follow  

This program is organized in such a simplified way that everyone will love it. Unlike many programs that target multiple problems at a time, thereby making it hard for users to understand. Mike and rick focus on unlocking tight hips. And delivering awesome user-friendly videos and manuals. 


Mike and Rick offer this amazing program at just $10 dollars. How cheaper can a quality program get? It’s even cheaper than your lunch. However, this offer is only for a limited time. 


The bonuses are free and optional. They include useful contents: how to unlock your hamstrings and diets that deliver great anti-inflammatory benefits in 7days. The diets deliver the dandy lifestyle you love. 

Money-Back Guarantee 

As cheap as this program goes for. You won’t pay anything if it fails to work for you. Mike and Rick offer 60 days money-back guarantee. So you have the option to return the program and have your money back if it doesn’t perform. 


This program isn’t for those who like to sit and look. It is super easy. And you only have to spend a short while to loosen and strengthen your tight Psoas muscle. Precisely, after three weeks you will see a remarkable difference.  So if you are up to put in work in your body to unlock your hips, this program is perfect for you. 

No matter your age and gender, lifestyle and preferences, with this program, you’ll definitely fix your hips and improve your general well being.  Putting in 10-15 minutes of exercise daily as specified in this program can make all the difference in weight loss, weight lifting, help to reduce pain in your back and improve your life. This program shows that anybody can have great mobility and a healthy life. Hit the download page and get your hips as fine as you like it to be.

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