I have always been a paper-based planner. I love being able to write in my planner and see all of the things I’ve written on paper. But, like most people, I don’t always have time to sit down with a pen and write out everything that needs to get done. That’s why digital planners have become so popular! They’re quick and easy to use, plus they can sync up with your computer or phone so you’ll always have access to them no matter where you are. So if you’re looking for an easy way to simplify your life (and who isn’t?), then read on for my top picks for digital planners in 2023.

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What is a digital planner?

A digital planner is a tool that helps you track your progress, organize your life and stay motivated. It can be used for anything from tracking your finances to monitoring your fitness goals.

A lot of people have never heard of digital planners before, but they’re actually quite popular in the personal development community because they offer so many benefits over traditional paper planners:

  • They’re more efficient than pen-and-paper methods because they don’t require any extra steps like writing down tasks on a calendar or transferring them into another document later on.
  • They make it easier to keep track of multiple projects at once by allowing users to create separate “buckets” within one platform (i.e., work vs personal). This way, you won’t have trouble remembering what needs doing when switching between tasks throughout the day!
best digital planner

Best digital planners for anything you want to track

The best digital planners offer a variety of features that allow you to create a planner that tracks anything you want. You can use one to track your daily tasks, goals, habits and more. Other people may use them as a way to stay organized with their finances in order to better manage their money.

Others will use them as fitness trackers or health journals so they can keep track of their workouts or dieting progress over time. And still, others might use this type of app for relationship management purposes (e.g., keeping track of important dates like anniversaries).

Whatever it is that motivates you personally–whether it’s staying organized at work or tracking what foods make up your diet–there are plenty of apps available today that make creating such digital planners easy-peasy!

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The Financial Digital Planner by Good Life Project

best digital planner

The Financial Digital Planner is the best digital planner if you want to track your finances. You can use this digital planner to keep track of your spending, income, and debt. The Financial Digital Planner also provides users with a net worth calculator so they can see how much money they have overall in assets versus what they owe.

This is a good option for people who are trying to pay off debt or save more money each month by tracking their expenses more closely and making sure all their bills get paid on time every month (or at least as often as possible).

Price: $11

What you’ll get:

Planner Pages & Worksheets:

  • Cover Page
  • 5 Section Covers
  • Dashboard
  • Part 1: The Vision
  • Wishlist
  • Money Reflection
  • Money Vision Boards
  • Goal Planner
  • Financial Goals
  • Part 2: Budget, Track Bills, Debt & Savings
  • Bill Tracker
  • Monthly Budget
  • Yearly Budget Tracker
  • Year Budget Review
  • Savings
  • Part 3: Cash Flow
  • Income Growth
  • Net Worth
  • Part 4: Money Challenge
  • Money Mindset Challenge
  • Money Savings Challenge $ 800
  • Money Savings Challenge $ 1000
  • Money Savings Challenge $ 3000
  • Part 5: Resources
  • Financial Books To Read
  • Financial Podcasts To Listen To
  • Notes

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Dream Big, Achieve More Digital Planner by Good Life Project

best digital planner

The Dream Big, Achieve More Digital Planner is the best digital planner if you’re looking for a new way to get organized and stay on track with your goals and routines. This digital planner is just what you need to hit that optimal level of productivity.

Price: $11

What you’ll get:

Planner Pages & Worksheets:

  • Cover Page
  • 7 Section Covers
  • Dashboard
  • Part 1: The Vision
  • Life Vision Board
  • My Dream Life
  • Part 2: Bucket List
  • 10 Things I Want To Experience
  • 10 Things I Want To Achieve
  • Part 3: Action Plan
  • My 10 Big Projects
  • Conquer Fear
  • Part 4: Purpose & Passion
  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Turn Your Dreams Into Goals
  • Part 5: Milestones
  • Milestones
  • Celebrate Your Wins
  • Part 6: Courage
  • Mindset Challenge
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Part 7: Resouces
  • Books To Read
  • Podcasts To Listen To
  • Notes

Productivity Is Yours Digital Planner by Good Life Project

best digital planner

If you are looking for the best digital planners for 2023, then look no further than Productivity Is Yours Digital Planner.

You can use this digital planner to keep track of appointments, goals, priorities, and daily tasks.

Price: $11

What you’ll get:

Planner Pages & Worksheets:

  • Cover Page
  • 5 Section Covers
  • Dashboard
  • Part 1: Reflection
  • Wheel Of Life
  • Self Assessment
  • Part 2: Goals & Habits
  • My Goal
  • Goal Planner
  • Habit Tracker
  • Part 3: Priorities
  • Yearly PLanner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Part 4: Planning
  • Daily Planner
  • Daily To Do List
  • Weekly Planner
  • Weekly Timeblock Planner
  • Weekly Review
  • Monthly Planner
  • Month End Review
  • Year End Review
  • Part 5: Resources
  • Books To Read
  • Podcasts To Listen
  • Notes

The benefits of using digital planners are numerous: they allow you to keep track of all your appointments, events, tasks and notes in one place; they provide easy access from any device; they can be accessed from anywhere at any time; they’re customizable so that only relevant information is displayed when needed (no more clutter!). The best part about all this? You don’t need any special skills or training!

How to use digital planners

The best part about digital planners is that they are so easy to use. To get started, you will need to create a digital planner or buy a digital planner.

After that, you just have to download the app on your phone, computer or tablet, and then you’re good to go! You can use them on Android, Windows, or Ipad.

The best part about digital planners is that they’re extremely easy to use: all of these steps are automated within each program itself–so no need for extra work from yourself or anyone else involved!

Get started! It’s easy once you know how your digital planner should work—and it will help reduce stress and save time in the long run by allowing you to see everything at once rather than having to look through several different places at once every time an appointment pops up!

  • First, find a planner that works for your lifestyle. There are many different types of planners out there that cater to different needs and lifestyles. You can buy your digital planner from my store.
  • Next, pick a platform that works best for you. There are many options when it comes to digital planners: GoodNotes, Xodo, OneNote, Notability.

The best digital planner app for 2023

When you’re looking for a note-taking app, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Goodnotes 5 is the best digital planner app for 2023, because it’s got a ton of features that make it great at organizing your life, tracking your progress and staying motivated.

GoodNotes 5 is a powerful note-taking app that allows you to create beautiful documents on your iPhone and iPad with real-time collaboration. The application lets you take notes in a notebook or outline form and can be used offline or online, so you can work wherever you want without worrying about connectivity issues.

In fact, if you’re looking for an app that can replace paper planners altogether then this could be the one.

Xodo: Xodo is another good option for taking notes. Xodo is my second favorite option because it offers a lot of features without being overwhelming.

OneNote: OneNote is another good option if you want something simple but powerful enough to handle all sorts of different documents

Benefits of digital planning over paper

Digital planners are great for a lot of reasons. They’re more convenient, accessible and flexible than paper planners. Plus they’re customizable and cost effective! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of digital planning over paper:

  • Convenience – Digital planners offer an almost limitless amount of flexibility in how you use them. You can access your planner from anywhere–whether it’s on your computer, phone or tablet–and customize it to fit your needs exactly.
  • Accessibility – Digital planners allow you to share calendars with other people without having to exchange emails back-and-forth or print out hard copies (which can get lost). You’ll never forget about an important meeting again!
  • Flexibility – With digital planners, there are no limits when it comes to what you want included in your daily schedule. You can create separate categories for work projects or personal errands so everything stays organized without being overwhelming at first glance; plus there are many different options available depending on how much detail suits your needs best.

How can you use them to simplify your life?

You can use digital planners to simplify your life by:

  • Tracking your goals and progress.
  • Staying motivated.
  • Improving your productivity.
  • Organizing your life, so you don’t have to spend time looking for things or making lists all the time–it will be right there in front of you! And if you’re like me, who has been known as “the planner girl” since high school (my mom still has a binder where I kept track of everything), then this is going to make life much easier! You may even notice an improvement in how quickly you get things done because planning ahead means less backtracking when something unexpected happens during the day (or week).

Digital planner features to look for

A digital planner should be able to sync with other devices and apps. You also want the option of sharing your planner with a partner or friend so that they can see what’s going on in your life at any given time.

This is especially important if you’re working on multiple projects at once–you need a way of keeping track of all those tasks! Some planners will allow users to add multiple projects and tasks within each project so that everything stays organized. This makes it easy for users who have very busy schedules because they don’t have to worry about forgetting something important due lack organization skills (or just plain forgetfulness).

best digital planner

How to find your best digital planner

To find the best digital planner for you, there are a few things to consider:

  • Reviews. Check out what other people are saying about their experience with the planner and how it works for them.
  • What features do you want? Do you want to sync your calendar with other apps or devices? Are there any special features that would make this product useful to you (like being able to send reminders from one device directly to another)?
  • Price is also important because not all planners are created equal–some might be more expensive than others but also offer more functionality than others so it’s worth looking into before making any decisions!

Finally, customer service is something else worth considering when buying anything online because sometimes things happen unexpectedly during shipping which means having someone there who can help resolve issues quickly will definitely come in handy!

These digital planners are perfect for helping anyone to organize their lives

If you’re looking to simplify your life, there’s no better place to start than with a digital planner. These tools are designed specifically for people who want to organize their lives and keep track of their progress towards goals.

Digital planners come in all shapes and sizes–from simple apps that allow you to create new projects or tasks on the fly, all the way up through more complex programs that allow users (and teams) create complex schedules and calendars. Some even have features like task lists or project management built into them!

If you haven’t used one before: don’t worry! It’s not hard at all–the hardest part is deciding which one will work best for your needs!


I hope you found this article helpful in deciding which digital planner is the best for you. There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming, but I think the best way to find out which one works best for your needs is by trying them out and seeing what feels most comfortable.

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