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Talk and treat yourself like someone you love

talk to yourself like someone you love


I’m sure you’ve heard of the power of positive thinking. It’s been around for a long time, and it’s not a new concept. But have you ever tried talking and treating yourself like someone you love? I’ve been doing this for a while now, and it has made such a difference in my life that I can’t imagine going back to my old way of talking to myself.

Treat and talk to yourself like someone you love. This is the best advice I’ve ever gotten, and it’s been so helpful to me in my life. When you’re feeling down, don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself or do something nice for yourself. It’s not selfish—it’s self-care! You should love yourself now!

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Talk to yourself like someone you love

When you talk to yourself, imagine that you’re talking to someone else—someone you love. Think about how you would treat that person and what you’d say if they were having a hard time understanding something or feeling down about themselves. Self-talk is a way of talking to yourself. It’s very similar to how you would talk to someone you love—with kindness, respect, and compassion. A self-talk is also a form of communication with yourself. If you want your self-talk to be effective, then it needs:

  • To be consistent
  • To be positive
  • To focus on the future rather than the past
treat yourself like someone you love

What’s the difference between talking to yourself and talking with yourself? It doesn’t matter if you’re looking in a mirror or sitting on the couch or lying awake in bed at night—when you’re talking to yourself, it means that your internal monologue is focused on how things are going right now. The quality of your thoughts about what is happening in the present moment will have a direct impact on how well (or poorly) things go for you during that time period. If your inner voice is harsh and critical, it can lead to stress; if it’s kind and supportive, that’s also very helpful!

Talking with yourself is different. It means that you’re actively engaging in a dialogue with yourself, and not just saying things in your head randomly. When you talk with yourself, you’re listening carefully to what your inner voice is saying and responding to it in an active way—by asking questions or giving advice.

Why do you get sleepy around someone you love?

Treat yourself like someone you love

Treat yourself like you would treat a loved one who is going through something difficult. Treating yourself like someone you love makes it easier to be kinder to yourself and make good decisions about taking care of yourself.

If you were talking to a friend who was struggling, what would you say? You probably wouldn’t tell them that they are crazy or stupid for feeling the way they do. You might not understand their feelings, but it’s doubtful that you would judge them for it. Instead, you’d try to be compassionate and helpful – understanding how hard things are for them while also reminding them of all the good things in their life.

You need to do this too! Treat yourself with the same respect and kindness as any trusted friend or family member would treat you if they knew what was going on inside your head right now; then maybe those self-talk messages will start making more sense (and be more helpful).

There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself.

In fact, you should love yourself now because it will make you a better person. As a result of that love, you’ll be more able to do good things for others and you’ll be able to enjoy greater happiness. You’ll also be able to have greater self-esteem and confidence in your abilities.

talk to yourself like someone you love

If you’re feeling sad and scared, speak tenderly to yourself

If you’re feeling sad and scared, speak tenderly to yourself. If you look in the mirror and hate what you see, don’t turn away from yourself or try to fix it. Look at your face and say: “You’re beautiful.” If someone has criticized you, don’t dwell on how they were wrong—think instead about how they were right (or mostly so). If someone has been mean to you, forgive them. And if someone is being mean to themselves, love them unconditionally as though they were a part of yourself that needed soothing and healing. You should always talk and treat yourself like someone you love very much, and fall in love taking care of yourself every day!

The world can be a harsh place sometimes. We all want our lives to be happy ones; but sometimes we get hurt by others’ words or actions—and even worse: sometimes we hurt ourselves with our own words and actions! When this happens, it can be easy for us to forget that we are precious beings worthy of love…

You should love yourself now

talk to yourself like someone you love

If you are falling apart and have no idea how to deal with it, say aloud what you wish someone would say to you in that moment. You should love yourself now. You are an incredible human being, and you deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve to treat yourself well and to treat others well. You deserve to be happy and healthy and safe. And you can’t do any of that if you don’t love yourself.

If you feel like your brain is falling apart, or if there are parts of yourself that seem disconnected from reality, talk about those things out loud. Let them be heard. It might be scary at first, but don’t let fear stand in the way of speaking from the heart.

Take care of yourself first

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Sometimes the best way to help others is to take care of yourself first. You are not being selfish, you are simply doing what’s right for your body and mind.

Think about it: if you don’t take good care of yourself, how can you possibly be there for anyone else? If you’re burned out and stressed out all the time because no one has taken care of their needs first, how can they feel comfortable talking with you or asking for help when they need it? And if we’re not healthy ourselves, then what do we have left in our lives that we can offer someone else?

It’s time to stop running from ourselves and start loving ourselves so much more than ever before! We deserve it!

The next time you feel like crying, do it.

When you are hurting or feel like crying, do it. Don’t apologize for it (in fact, don’t apologize at all). Crying is a healthy way to release emotions and show vulnerability, which are both signs of strength. So if you want to cry because your best friend dumped you or because your boss yelled at you in front of the entire office or because someone said something mean about your hair—cry away.

  • Cry alone when no one else is around so no one has to know what’s going on with you.
  • Cry with someone else who can give support during this difficult time.

Everything will work out

fall in love with taking care of yourself

When you talk to yourself, you should trust that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to in the end. This can be challenging if your life has been marked by a lot of difficult experiences and painful losses. But even though things might not have turned out as you hoped they would, they still happened for a reason—whether it was because of fate or just plain bad luck, the universe is trying to teach you something. What’s important is that now is when your life needs to change so that you can learn those lessons and start moving forward again with strength and confidence!

So what do we do? We have faith in ourselves—we trust our ability to handle anything that comes our way; we know deep down inside that we can handle any situation; we believe with every ounce of our being that everything will be ok; maybe even better than ok because now I’m here with all these wonderful people who love me unconditionally.’

Treat yourself with kindness

Let go of your fear of being vulnerable enough to treat yourself with kindness and compassion.

You deserve to be treated with respect, love, tenderness, gentleness and patience. And you will never be able to give these things to someone else if you don’t start by giving them to yourself.

So let go of the belief that it’s not OK to accept your own love in order for others to accept yours. Let go of the belief that it’s selfish or egotistical or vain or arrogant for someone else who is “less than perfect” (and therefore unworthy) also deserves self-respect and self-love from time-to-time.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself

you should love yourself now

You deserve to take care of yourself. You deserve to love yourself now. And, yes, even enjoy yourself! Fall in love with taking care of yourself!

We all know that taking care of ourselves is important, but many of us don’t prioritize it as much as we should. It can be hard to find the time or energy for self-care in our daily lives when there are so many other things competing for our attention and energy—like work and family obligations, household chores, social events…the list goes on and on! But remember: your health and happiness are essential parts of living well. So make sure you’re making time for them too!

If you still feel like you don’t have enough time or energy left over after everything else in your life has been accounted for (and who doesn’t feel like this sometimes?), try some simple strategies that will help you get into the habit of practicing self-care: set aside a few minutes every morning before work when you can drink tea or coffee while reading something inspiring; schedule yourself in advance with an appointment with a friend or loved one who lives nearby; go for walks in nature whenever possible; prepare healthy snacks ahead of time so they’re easy enough to grab quickly if hunger strikes unexpectedly during meetings at work; take quick showers instead of long baths since most people only really need five minutes under hot water anyway (the longer we spend bathing ourselves each day means less time spent doing other things).

Love yourself — but not just because society tells you to

Self-love is not selfish. It’s not about you spending all your time thinking about yourself and how great you are. Selfishness is when you only care about what makes YOU happy, without considering the feelings or needs of others.

Self-love isn’t conceited or arrogant either. You might think that if you love yourself it means that something must be wrong with other people, but this isn’t true! Loving yourself doesn’t mean looking down on other people, or treating them badly because they don’t have any self-love (though some people do have this problem).

Being narcissistic means having an excessive interest in one’s own appearance or importance; being vain just means having a high opinion of one’s own worth — but neither of these things mean anything unless we’re talking about narcissists who take pleasure in being vain rather than those who struggle against their vanity trying to make themselves better people! And even then…there’s no reason why anyone has to struggle against their vanity rather than enjoying it (though some people do have this problem).

Finally: Self-absorbed vs self-centered. This causes confusion because sometimes we use them interchangeably without knowing it–but there’s an important difference between these two words! A person could be both self-absorbed AND self-centered–but they wouldn’t really be able to be both at once since these words describe opposite qualities within our personalities which define us as humans living together on Earth today.

A journey of self-discovery

you should love yourself now

When we become more loving, more compassionate, and more accepting of ourselves, we allow others to be that way too. When we have a better relationship with ourselves, it’s easier for us to have a better relationship with other people.

We are all on a journey of self-discovery; we are all learning how to love ourselves and our fellow humans. We have to remember that this is a process—it takes time and effort. The more we focus on ourselves, the easier it will be for others to do the same. If you’re struggling with accepting yourself for who you are and what you believe in, it’s important to remember: you don’t have to be perfect all the time! You just have to try your best, forgive yourself when you fall short of your goals and expectations, and keep moving forward with grace.

It’s also important not to compare yourself with others—it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because someone else seems happier or more content than you are right now, they must have some kind of secret that could help make your life better as well if only they’d share it with you… but in reality? Everyone has their own path and their own challenges along the way. It’s important not only for ourselves but also for those around us too: when other people see that we’re struggling with something

When you think about it from this perspective: why shouldn’t everyone deserve the same chance at happiness as you? The answer is simple: they should! And if you truly believe this yourself then your life will start getting better immediately because of course everyone deserves love just like anyone else does!


We talk to ourselves all the time. It’s easy, when you have a moment alone, to hear your own thoughts and just go with them. But what if we tried something different? What if we talked to ourselves like someone we love? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was always someone who believed in us and had our back no matter what?

Remember, you are so much more than a collection of symptoms. You deserve to live in a world where your voice is heard and where you can speak freely about what matters most to you. So, if it feels difficult at first, don’t give up! The more we practice self-compassion, the easier it will become for us all. You should always talk and treat yourself like someone you love very much, fall in love taking care of yourself every day!

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