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Is Sushi Healthy? The Best and The Worst

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Yes, sushi can be very healthy, but I will add some caveats and guidance for you. Like many topics in the health industry, this is a divided one.   

There are many amazing benefits of sushi such as being a rich source of antioxidants, rich in omega 3 and fatty acids. It is also a good source of that beloved protein and calcium which makes it a very rich and valuable food. Sea vegetables such as nori, in which it is wrapped are also rich in nutrition, with minerals such as Iodine, and phytonutrient lignans. Sounds good huh?    

It should also be noted that the Japanese diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world, and sushi is one such staple in their diet. However, like many traditional foods, when it is exported to the western world It can become unhealthy through the use of additives, excessive sweeteners, even pollution or ignorance, so as you embark on your quest for Japanese health and anti-aging bare these things in mind as guidance.    

Guidance for Eating Healthy Sushi

Mercury Levels 

The main concern with sushi and especially fish, in general, is unsafe mercury levels, one should thus approach it cautiously and only eat once in a while, and only certain types of fish to limit exposure. Simply moderate your intake to once every couple of months, in addition to choosing a type of fish with low mercury toxicity and you can enjoy the health benefits as normal.  

Sashimi and california rolls healthy sushi on a plate with chopstix
Is Sushi Healthy? The Best and The Worst

Trusted Supplier

After this, understandably raw fish can have bacteria and microbes that can give risks for infection, parasites and even food poisoning. Therefore be sure you are not eating low-grade sushi by seeing that your supplier or supermarket has reliable standards for sourcing their sushi [USDA Standards approved or EU approved; Certified by professionals]; On the flip side, some claim health benefits may come from raw fish that would otherwise be destroyed by cooking.  

Western Ingredients 

Naturally, western Ingredients can pose a problem as with all foods, somehow Americans and Europeans find a way to make healthy foods unhealthy; Avoid Sushi with the words tempura, crunchy, or “fried” or with excessive or unhealthy ingredients included. Avoid sauces such as heavy mayonnaise, ones with large amounts of corn or soy oil, sodium, omega-6 fats or refined salts.  

Benefits of Sushi

  • Rich in Omega3
  • Brain food 
  • Wrinkle prevention
  • Stave off osteoporosis
  • Memory booster
  • Muscle repair 
  • Immunity boost

The Bottom Line

Aside from the mercury and parasite concern which should be mitigated by choosing your type of fish wisely, in addition to choosing from a quality supplier. Sushi is a filling health food that is a part of a well-balanced diet. Most parasites can be destroyed through the deep freezing process that most supermarkets put their fish through, and mercury can be mitigated by choosing low mercury fish. 

Is Sushi Healthy? Yes with the right guidance and precautions it is a very good health food.

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