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Health Benefits Of Matcha: A True Love For Your Health


Matcha green tea powder is making its way into the minds of many. This is not by mistake. Coming largely in the form of a powder you can add to hot water and other beverages, many popular retailers and restaurants are adopting Matcha into their repertoire, from Starbucks to Tropical Smoothie and beyond. In this article, we’ll see 6 health benefits for a healthy body and mind of Matcha tea.

This is not only because of its tasty, natural earthen flavor, but because of its many benefits. Made directly of stone-ground tea leaves, Matcha’s health benefits are more potent and plentiful than other teas. Whereas other teas are brewed through the use of tea bags, Matcha presents itself as a more directly consumable method, enhancing its properties drastically.

Health Benefits Of Matcha for a Healthy Body & Mind

Below are just some of the health benefits and reasons that you should experience and love Matcha tea:    

Mood Boost, Memory, and Concentration(1)    

Matcha promotes a well-functioning brain, largely through disposing of bad toxins in the bloodstream. Matcha is known to boost memory functions, and with its natural caffeine, you won’t experience a shaky, grumpy crash after consumption.    

Weight Loss    

Matcha contains high levels of epigallocatechin gallate, which, simply put, helps you feel full, preventing you from ruining your diet with over-eating. Better yet, Matcha tea burns calories from consumption in much the same way as an apple. It is a great weight loss supplement, which has lead to its inclusion in nutrition-focused stores.    

A Healthy Heart    

Another of the many benefits of the cleansing properties of Matcha is a boost to heart health through its ability to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. Spurring yet again from the epigallocatechin gallate, Matcha helps remove plaque in the arteries. With a healthy body and bloodstream, your heart will work more smoothly and be less likely to experience a heart attack or stroke.    


To detox is to rid the body of harmful substances, and Matcha is great at doing so with its plant-based nature. Matcha includes chlorophyll in abundance, which is where it gets its green color, and is the part of its make up that will flush toxins from your system that are unfortunately picked up in everyday life. Compared to similar products, Matcha makes itself a good choice due to its higher potency.    

Immune System Boost    

Besides getting rid of the bad, Matcha also introduces the good. Drinking Matcha tea boosts vitamin and antioxidant levels, helping prevent illness and promote good health overall. Matcha tea is a fantastic aid to the immune system.    

Relax Your Mind and Body    

Despite having caffeine, Matcha contains the amino acid l-theanine, which creates feelings of relaxation. With the combo of caffeine and l-theanine, you will feel both at peace physically, and in your mind. It is no wonder it is commonly paired with yoga and meditation.

The Bottom Line    

These are just some of the health benefits for a healthy body and mind that Matcha tea includes, and more are consistently being discovered as it becomes more popular. Matcha will not be able to get rid of ailments that have already fixed themselves to the body, but it can certainly help prevent them from beginning.

If you find you experience caffeine crashes and anxiety from your daily cup of coffee, consider switching to Matcha. And if you want to simply feel more at ease and calm, Matcha makes a good choice. Whether you enjoy Matcha as straight tea, a shake, ice cream, or simply sprinkled into things, there are both many ways and many reasons to love Matcha tea.

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